Deals ~ MIYU Linen Blazer Shirt - Black

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SKU: 814014150179307

Rp 187.425 Rp 249.900

Baju lengan pendek
Kerah blazer
Terdapat saku tutup disisi kanan
Terdapat 4 buah kancing
Baju bisa dijadikan sebagai luaran

Short sleeves shirt
Blazer collar
Pocket on right side
There are 4 buttons
This shirt can be use as outer
Soft texture
Sweat abrobent
Breathable fabric
Non transparent

Material : Linen

Bust: 100 Cm
Length: 47 Cm
Sleeve to sleeve length: 62 Cm

Bust: 104 Cm
Length: 49 Cm
Sleeves to sleeves length: 64 Cm

Info & Care:
Washing :
-Mild liquid detergent
-Gentle wash with hand
-Machine wash use laundry pocket
-Use soft detergen
-Wash with similar colors

-Medium iron temperature
Bleaching :
Do not bleach

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