KOMAKO Puff Sleeves Blouse - Cream

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SKU: 811085180006704

Rp 229.900

KOMAKO Puff Sleeves Blouse

Blouse dengan model lengan puff yang cocok untuk digunakan sehari-hari
Bukaan baju berupa tali dileher dibelakang
Aksen kerutan di bagian leher dan lengan
Cocok dipadupadankan dengan KOMAKO Skirt

Blouse with puff sleeves, perfect for everyday use
Rope on the back neck
Wrinkles on the neck and sleeves
Suitable with KOMAKO Skirt

MATERIAL : Massimo
-Soft texture
-Sweat absorbent
-Breathable fabric
-Non transparent

Bust: 110 Cm
Length: 50 Cm
Sleeves length: 33 Cm

Bust: 100 Cm
Length: 52 Cm
Sleeves length: 35 Cm

Info & Care:
Washing :
Mild liquid detergent
Gentle wash with hand
Machine wash use laundry pocket
Use soft detergen
Wash with similar colors

Medium iron temperature

Bleaching :
Do not bleach

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