UTANO Boxy Blazer Shirt - Lilac

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SKU: 811095220006102

Rp 129.950 Rp 259.900

UTANO Boxy Blazer Shirt

Baju boxy dengan model blazer
Bukaan baju berupa kancing di depan
Neckline berbentuk V
Cocok dipadukan dengan UTANO Skirt
Bisa dijadikan outer

Boxy shirt with a blazer model
Buttons on the front
Suitable with UTANO Skirt
Can be used as an outer

MATERIAL : Poplin Premium
-Soft texture
-Sweat absorbent
-Anti microbial
-Non transparent
-Breathable fabric

Bust: 120 Cm
Length: 56 Cm
Sleeve to sleeve: 83 Cm

Bust: 124 Cm
Length: 58 Cm
Sleeve to sleeve: 85 Cm

Info & Care:
Washing :
Mild liquid detergent
Gentle wash with hand
Machine wash use laundry pocket
Use soft detergen
Wash with similar colors

Medium iron temperature

Bleaching :
Do not bleach

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