NOAeveryday x Pineappleid : JOY EVERYDAY Pin Pack with ANKA Linen Bags ( FREE JOY EVERYDAY Stickers )

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Because we cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy. In collaboration with @hello.pineappleid, we wish you to find joy in everything you choose to do. 

A face mask that you can wear to protect you to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, as your casual outfit. The #JOYFULEVERYDAY illustration that digitally painted can accompany you to show others about a JOYFUL vibes inside you wherever you go.

So here we are, let’s spread the JOY by wearing our newest collab collections.

A Pack of PINS
4 pcs / pack
Material : Acrylic
5-6 cm

Illustrated and designed by PINEAPPLEID

ANKA Linen Bags
Made by high-quality and sustainable everyday essentials linen at affordable prices to help you live a more rejoicing lifestyle

- 100% hypoallergenic cotton
- Breathable
- Comfortable
- 2 layer mask
- Matching elastic rubber
- Suitable with your everyday outfit

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