MAKO Color Stripe Knitted Top - Dusty Pink

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Rp 254.915 Rp 299.900
MAKO Color Stripe Knitted Top
Baju rajut basic dengan lengan pendek
Motif rajut garis-garis dengan warna-warna yang trendy
Neckline berbentuk O
Material knit katun premium
Menyerap keringat dan adem

Basic knit shirt with short sleeves
Striped knitting with trendy colors
Premium cotton knit material
Absorbent and breathable fabric 
-Soft texture
-Anti microbial 
MATERIAL : 100% Cotton Yarn Knitted Premium 
Bust: up to 120 Cm
Length: 53 Cm
Sleeves length: 25 Cm
Shoulder to shoulder: 32 Cm
Info & Care:
Washing :
Mild liquid detergent
Wash with hand
Use soft detergen
Wash with similar colors

Medium iron temperature

Bleaching :
Do not bleach  

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