Most Loved ~ KANNA Basic Cardigan - White

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Rp 242.910 Rp 269.900

KANNA Basic Cardigan
Outer model kimono dengan lengan model batwing
Adem dan menyerap keringat
Terdapat saku di kiri dan di kanan
Cocok dipadukan dengan KANNA pants dan YUNA blouse membuat looks kamu lebih minimalis

Kimono outer with batwing sleeves
Breathable and absorbent
Pockets on the left and the right sides
Combine with KANNA pants and YUNA blouse, make your looks more minimalist

MATERIAL : Linen Rami
-Sweat absorbent
-Breathable fabric
-Non transparent
-Anti microbial

Free Size :
Length: 77 cm
Bust: 212 cm
Shoulder : 108 cm

Info & Care:
Washing :
Mild liquid detergent
Gentle wash with hand
Machine wash use laundry pocket
Use soft detergen
Wash with similar colors

Medium iron temperature

Bleaching :
Do not bleach

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